First Months' Adventures

It has been an official first month for Shevelkin Designs LLC. Our new website is up and running full swing, new products are in the making, and to top it off - we are one of the featured vendors on Coffee Props new website. We have had a very busy and productive month! 


Besides the normal everyday hustle, we took a quick visit to CT. We always have an amazing time there, seeing family and friends, and as usual it goes by way too fast.

While in New Haven, I took the opportunity to visit as many local cafes as I could possibly squeeze into a day. With some of my cozies in hand, my coffee adventures consisted of Lotta Studio serving Happy Life Coffee, The Coffee Pedaler, Koffee?, Deja Brew, and The Jitter Bus Mobile Cafe.

Everyone was so kind and willing to chat about their coffee. I absolutely love coffee talk, even more so with an espresso in one hand and latte in the other. My hubby is my third hand and he always has the single origin pour over (black - I'm sweet enough). All jokes aside, we do not add anything to our coffees as we specifically want to smell and taste the flavors pulled from the beans. We get a latte to taste the espresso combined with steamed milk, to see how it holds up with majority milk (and I like lattes). We rotate, share, and try all the drinks.

The Coffee Pedaler Cafe, photo featuring Tandem Coffee Roasters and Shevelkin Designs To-Go Cozies.

I had to go back to The Coffee Pedaler a few times, their espresso was out of this world. They were pulling Tandem Coffee Roasters West End Blues Espresso. OMG, the sweetness and viscosity they were able to capture in the espresso still makes my mouth water.  

A huge thank you to all the cafes and baristi for their hospitality and phenomenal coffee. I will definitely be back the next time we venture out to New Haven, CT.

You can check out my coffee adventures, see all the cafes I mentioned, and get sneak peaks of new products by following @ShevelkinDesigns on instagram.


Stephanie Shevelkin

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